The Journal of Public Policy

JPP Issue 35.1: FREE to Read Until the End of April

The first issue of the year is now out in print! This means you have a little time to read and download it free here–until the end of April. This issue includes:

Gendered diffusion on gendered issues: the case of human traffickingBy Vanessa Bouché and Dana E. Wittmer

High profile rape trials and policy advocacyBy Kristine Coulter and David S. Meyer

Who saw it coming? The UK’s great financial crisisBy Andrew Hindmoor and Allan McConnell

Intergovernmental climate change mitigation policies: theory and outcomesBy Hal T. Nelson, Adam Rose, Dan Wei, Thomas Peterson, and Jeffrey Wennberg

Policy beyond politics? Public opinion, party politics and the French pro-nuclear energy policyBy Sylvain Brouard and Isabelle Guinaudeau

Happy reading!